Tickets for the TSP Fall Workshop Go On Sale Thursday Sept. 14th — 20 Comments

  1. Im 90% sure Ill make this one; my first. I have 13 yo son Id like to bring along to learn a lot of these concepts first hand. My kids are homeschooled. He’s starting his first chicken/egg business and he is stoked! Im really trying to break the mold myself and would love for him to meet so many entrepreneurs and critical thinkers that might also help him focus on entrepreneurial endeavors.

    BUT is 13 too young to come?

    • Its borderline! I usually say 14-17 are free to come with parents with certain considerations. Email me and we can work out details or should I say see if we can work out details.

      The environment isn’t really a kids environment, it is a young adult environment.

    • It is what it is man, it is the time of year we have that works for doing it. Get a deer early! I am going down to shoot at least two in Oct. there may be venison biltong on the menu, if I can bring myself to 1. Make it but not eat it all, 2. Share it if I get past #1

  2. My wife also listened to the details in the last episode, called me immediately, and proposed that we both go. A) How cool is she? B) Any discount for a spouse? This would be my second time at an event. Cheers.

    • No I am sorry no discounts for spouses and I hope you understand the why in my explanation here.

      Why does any business do a discount? There is only one real reason to do so, other than say to be nice, like a discount for some small group or something like that, help a kid out, something like that. The answer is to sell more of what ever you are selling.

      Buy 5 get one free only works if you sell at least 20% more than not doing it or you loose money. Make sense?

      So if I had much more parking area I could likely sell 75-100 seats to this thing, and at that number I may not sell out. So I would likely do a couples discount for something like that.

      Instead I can only sell about 38 seats, by the time I add staff, special guests we are to a head count of 50-55 people. And every single time the event sells out, the fall ones usually sell out in hours.

      Tossing aside the bottom line, what this means is every single person that I sell a ticket to, in a way is an occupied spot that other people wish to have. I usually end up with a waiting list of about 15 or more people who want to come and can’t. So discounting those seats makes no sense financially but it also makes no sense in being fair to all the other people that want to come.

      I hope this makes sense and I hope both of you come. Rather than just say no, we don’t do that I wanted to be up front and honest about why we have this policy. In short it doesn’t make sense to discount a seat that is always going to sell at full price every time to an event that we always have to sadly turn some people down for.

    • We get a group rate for those that want a hotel room, the hotel is a 10-15 minute drive at most. 80% or more camp on the property. Some hammock camp, some tent camp, some sleep in their cars.

  3. I intend to put a deposit down tomorrow for myself and my wife. Will I be able to purchase multiples having only one MSB account? Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

    • Yes you can but you are going to have to complete one form, make one deposit then do it a second time filling out the form for both of you. That way I have a record for both of you.

  4. Is this workshop the sort of thing where the video will be available to MSB members? Including all the instructors’ workshops?

    In Australia, the MSB doesn’t offer me much in the way of discounts, but just to have access to the yearly workshops would make it worthwhile. Especially Nicole’s website building class.

    • Absolutely NOT on my property. No trailers, no RVs, Zero of that on my property. There are RV parks near by, some do that.

  5. I am 100% ready to sign up! Just awaiting the sign up to pop up in the MSB. Thank you Jack! Can not wait for my first TSP workshop experience!!!!!