Episode-1835- Getting Ready for Fall Gardening — 17 Comments

  1. We laugh that the four seasons here in New Hampshire are:
    Almost winter
    Still winter, and
    Our fall frost date is only 60 days away.

  2. Jack — FYI unrelated to the episode:

    I have noticed that your podcasts download MUCH slower through my podcast app than they used to (they now go at ~50Kbps, whereas all my other podcasts download around 2-4 MBps). Not sure if you are aware of this. I’ve tried downloading both right when the show is released and several hours later and have the same problem.

    • Nothing has changed in how it is encoded or how the server handles it, that is really all I control. You may try a different time of day.

      See it doesn’t matter which file, but how many files at once that everyone else is grabbing.

      You may be downloading a show that was published ten days ago but if 500 others are downloading todays, well, that Gig of uplink I pay for does have limits and has to chop itself up across all those people.

  3. I’ll be listening to this today. I have actually had this conversation with at least 2 people last week.

    I wanted to sneak a bit more summer cover crop in before fall, I am not sure i’ll be able to do that.

    I have seen that if your timing is off the winter garden will grow extremely slowly and you’ll have to wait much much longer to harvest. (If you’re in a place where you can winter garden like me).

    • Well brotha, when you’re ready for livin’ the great weather dream, come on down to the southeast and live here in Southeast Louisiana or Southern Mississippi.

      I think it has the perfect weather all around.

      All that cold weather is for the birds. It gets cold here, just not THAT cold. Average temperatures 40-50 throughout the winter, with a decent number of 25-32 days.

      Meanwhile, mid-February its not uncommon for it to be 70 outside.

      • Temperatures stay much milder than where you are (thankfully).

        Humid? Most definitely. The highs top out around 90 most of the days. Rarely, and I mean rarely over 95.

        Humidity has been high because the last few days its rained (no complaints!)

        Usually its not TOO bad.

        As jack said shade is DEFINITELY a commodity, and a damn expensive one. I am looking at designing walkways around here to all major locations under the cover of summer shade j ust so I don’t have to get in the sun.

        When you’re not in the sun its really not that bad. But I also extremely acclimated. I more and more fantasize about swinging around on muscadine vines with only a loin cloth on. I am working on becoming a sub-tropical forest demi-god afterall.

        • “I more and more fantasize about swinging around on muscadine vines with only a loin cloth on. I am working on becoming a sub-tropical forest demi-god afterall.”

          My mental eyes! Ahhhhh third eye blinded!

        • @Mike

          I’ll take the heat over the cold any day. Even the mild winters we have here, get old to me very quick. I just can’t do cold anymore. And it’s true that if you like to grow things, then it’s the place to be. A little above direct hurricane impact and a little below harsh winter – not a bad place to be.

          For those who wish to avoid the loincloth, I have one word that will improve your overall comfortableness and general attitude: commando.

  4. Another tip to get people to eat more sauted greens…whip them into mashed potatoes (or mashed potato cauliflower combo) with a bit of extra butter or bacon grease. Yum!

  5. From Yahoo Answers:
    The “dog days” of July and August, generally the hottest of the year, coincide with the appearance of the constellation Sirius, the Dog Star, in the same part of the sky as the sun. The Romans believed Sirius added to the heat of the sun, causing the temperature extreme, and gave this part of the year its name–in Latin, of course.

  6. i transcribed the carrot recipe and i got my garden planned. carrots carrots carrots! if those carrots are as good as he says they are, right on! CARROT RECIPE: 1.Cut tops off and wash the carrots right before you cook them. he said nothing about peeling them. 2. slice carrots on bias, aka 45 deg angle, 1/2″thick, melt 2 tablespoons butter and drizzle or brush butter onto carrots. add a pinch of sea salt or kosher salt and pepper. Put this on grill or oven and cook until carrots just give to fork.

    • You forgot the sage! 2-3 leaves of fresh sage sliced thin, and put all the stuff in a foil pouch, no need to melt the butter, it will melt itself. Seal the pouch really good.