Episode-2385- Ben Falk on Zone 4 Permaculture Design — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting episode; I’ve listened twice! So much detail.

    A couple of resources I like: “Farming the Woods” by Steve Gabriel and “The Woodland Homestead” by Brett McLeod.

    For the caller with the silver maple forest; what a fantastic resource! Three terrific possible products: maple syrup, ramps, black raspberries. Yes, silver maples give great sap for syrup, and there’s even a high-sugar silver maple available from St. Lawrence Nursery that could be planted as needed for replacements. From time to time Jack has advised waiting a year to learn about a new property. That would be very advisable in this case.

  2. Very cool episode. There are a lot of resources available on wildlife management, ranging from pamphlets on building brush piles that you can get from the university extension office (or 4-H office) to books devoted to the management of single species (deer, turkey, elk, quail..). It would not be hard to pivot on concepts presented in the existing literature and view through a permaculture lens. Although, I think Ben has some unique ideas that you probably won’t find in a typical wildlife management book (e.g., grafting turkey apples).

    This is one of my favorites for an overall picture of modern wildlife management. It’s more readable than a lot of scientific wildlife writing:

    This one might be good for Ben’s region:

    This one also looks promising, but i haven’t read it yet:

  3. Quick catch on squirrels for those of you with tons of pine. At LEAST in Mississippi, our gray squirrels eat the heck out of pine cones. They love acorns, but we get pine saplings coming up everywhere due to their penchant for the cone. You can even watch them going to town on a pine cone like I hit a fresh grilled jalapeno/cotija cheese-encrusted corn cob. Fastest way I’ve seen to turn a pine cone into a meat snack.

  4. Awesome episode guys.. Big fan of both of you.

    Im in the piedmont of NC.. Im interested in apple rootstock to saturate an area of zone 4 of my property to graft onto later on..

    Do you have a good source of cheap stock?

    Thanks for what you do Jack.. Ive picked up a lot from your shower over the past year. ?