Episode-1285- Steven Harris on Mobile Battery Systems and Falconry with Chris Starr — 10 Comments

  1. I have been waiting for you to do a show on falconry. I have so many skills I want to learn, but I’m definitely adding this one to the list. I first ever heard of falconry when you interviewed Jenna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farm. Falconry just sounds like the coolest thing ever and, come to find out after some internet research, falconry used to be a sign of a well-cultured lady. Maybe that is because of the education and apprenticeship it requires? Regardless, it sounds awesome!

    • Brooke! Do it! It is a lot of time and responsibility, but it fits so well into the hunter/survivalist lifestyle and how awesome to have a group of women falconers in the TSP community!

  2. I would totally love to do this workshop! But I live 4 states away and my weekends are booked up through February. Arrgh! I appreciate the opportunity though.


    1) Over my Birthday Weekend last week I went up to my retreat. I got there the well was frozen over. I powered up my bumper hitch trailer battery system that I made from Steven’s DVD. I had my kids make snow balls so the snow was well packed for more water and melted it in a pot on my hot plate. My woman was smiling do to the fact I was survival geeking out with my batt back up and she got to use a toilet. LOL> good stuff Steve, saved me a butt chewing on my birthday.

    2) LOVE THE FALCONRY!!! When I was at your AWESOME Earth Works Course I won a bid on the the barter blanket for a two day hunt with Chris. When that Bird landed on my arm……WOW MAN, I was hooked. Too Bad I love my Honey Bee so much or I Would have to find more time to have a Bird man. Chris When we come to do BEEKeeping 101 for Jack, I am looking for a DUCK Hunt we talked about. THAT WOUD BE SWEETNESS!

    3) That weekend Jack I did an interview with In the RABBIT Hole guys. It was funny and They kinda bro crush on you man. LOL. They are mad about Humus and soy from your show. said they are coming to the bee class to throw humus at us for showing them soy was in it. LOL. good stuff. they talk about your show a few times.

    so not only did i get to melt snow with this system so my woman was happy, and I know how awesome Chris is and how he loves he’s birds, I got to give a shout out to the guy that got me hooked up with the whole show topic on another podcast.

    Good stuff, thanks for all the info for my bettter life.

  4. Loved the show! As a new falconer it was great hearing from a guy in another state. My first ever redtail was trapped in early December and we are working towards flying free and following me right now, hope to be hunting soon.

    Here in NY we just moved to the Federal regulations (believe it or not, they are more lax than some of the state ones.) and so have most of the Northeastern states.

    • Ok, you convinced me with that picture, Jenna…I HAVE to get into falconry now. Soooo freaking cool!

  5. Hi Jack,

    Just got done listening to this episode. Unfortunately the workshop isn’t do-able for me but I’m very interested in the mobile battery bank concept. My question though has to do with adapting it. I’m perfectly happy to pay for Steven’s video series to learn how to make the thing, but we don’t have a pickup. Our vehicles are a minivan and a mid size SUV. I just need to know if the concept is truly tethered to the dimensions and exposure to air of the truck toolbox or if it could be adapted to the interior of these vehicles. Once I know that I can move forward setting us up with this awesome concept. Thanks.

    • The key is doing it safely, the dimensions are not really an issue. Consider that the weight of a GC2 battery is about 70 pounds on average depending on who you buy it from. Two of those equal 140 pounds of dense weight and said items are full of acid as well. Now imagine you get in a crash at say 50 miles an hour, problem no?

      In the back of the truck system, the batteries are separated from the cab by the cab wall, the bed wall and a rugged tool box. The tool box it self is bolted to the rails of the truck bed. Next inside the box the batteries are housed in a constructed box made of 2×12 lumber which is lag bolted together and to the tool box. In other words if you are in wreck sufficient to release those batteries into the cab, you would be dead anyway. I wonder of those moron half way down pants kids with thumping radios that use a booster batter in the trunk of their cars know what they are in for in a wreck?

      So it is a safety thing. I would say a locking cargo box that is big enough for the system if bolted though the floor could work in either a van or an SUV. I know Josiah has a custom system he will be welding into the back of his Bronco (power is only one part of his system) so anything can be done.

      You could also build a slightly smaller and sadly more expensive system with Optima sealed batteries. A yellow top is 43 pounds and has a lower foot print then a GC2 by quite a bit. Two of those hooked positive to positive and negative (as they are 12v not 6v like the GC2s) would be a pretty decent system. I would say if you got a good steel cased box and bolted it though the deck into the undercarriage from you would be pretty good to go, using optimas (which are sealed and gel filled) would be the safest option inside a vehicle and you could go up to 4 if you wanted.

      You have to think about other stuff though like, this is going to take up cargo space, period no way around it. Also you are going to have to put a hole into your deck and run wires though it and make same sure that is sealed up will. With a pick up you just bring up the wires between the cab and the bed. In other words the system can be adapted to other vehicle types but it takes thinking to do it and some additional work.

      You can find many cargo boxes for vans and SUVs, such as these these seem expensive so they are just to convey the concept if you visit a truck accessories store they will likely be able to show you a lot of options. I’ll let Steve know of your question in case he has anything to add.

  6. Hey Jack, loved the show! Ive always been interested in falconry, but I had no idea anyone could practice the sport without zoology training or something. I live in Washington and I was wondering if Chris’s grandfather does sponsorships up here? I would love to find a sponsor and see if this sport would be a good fir for me. Thanks!