If You Use Facebook, Consider Joining The Survival Podcast Facebook Forum — 10 Comments

  1. Very interesting stuff, and I must say this is actually informative about how their own attempts to monetize their platform is eating itself, at least for content creators that may make it worth actually using the platform.

    • And you know if they just did it like they used to and let me reach say 10-20K a week that didn’t already follow me for say a few hundred bucks, I would happily spend thousands with them annually.

      • I recently ran a campaign myself and I was definitely a bit mystified by the process.

        I have been mulling about wondering if the only way to “reach” anybody using Facebook or similar marketing campaigns is writing absolutely obnoxious clickbait and inflammatory statements.

        I am not sure if you’re in the position, or interested in running a binary test, but you could certainly test if facebook desires more low brow inflammatory material by releasing maybe two different versions of either the ad, or the actual article/content. One being your normal style, and another being so over the top its embarrassing.

        Of course you’d potentially have to sacrifice personal morality for this…

        Thus far, how would you describe the overall growth strategy that you have had for the show since the beginning? Almost purely word of mouth?

        • Facebook ads I have found to be 0% effective for converting people into customers. I’ve gotten all my customers through youtube reviews, email, cratejoy (my hosting platform that does marketing for us), word of mouth and TSP.

          I’m pretty sure I’m just doing it wrong because GaryVee loves it….

        • @Jake

          HAH. GaryVee is kind of extreme in-it-of-itself and usually everything he says is controversial. (on purpose I would assume).

          He certainly talks up facebook considerably.

  2. More interactive, what a joke. You delete comments that you don’t like, even though you call this an open discussion. You are an absolute asshole to those that may disagree with even the smallest bit of differing opinion.

    No jack, your site is not as interactive as you would like it because people are tired of your abusive bullshit.

    Now, post that if you dare. If you want the real truth, create an honest poll to answer these statements and you will see the true reason for your lack of response.


    • What is funny is I don’t run the TSP forum, I don’t run the TSP Facebook forum either. So yea. Whatever dude. They are run by individuals that set them up on their own initiative.

      • Actually I am talking about your site Jack, but it really doesn’t matter because you really don’t care. You are so burnt out with this stuff, you find any reason to lose your cool.

        The TSP forum is filled with comments similar to mine about guys that you have disrespected and been too ignorant to treat like a human being.

        This podcast has gone downhill over the last few years, and it’s all about you poor attitude and toddler tantrums.

        Take that however you want, I really don’t care.

        • Then why are you here, why are you commenting, if you don’t care? Have a great life man.