Experts Wanted for 2014 Interviews on New Subjects — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,

    I would like to hear a show about site selection, i.e. how to choose land.

    I am somewhat new to your show and very new to the MSB (thanks for the sale). If there has been sufficient coverage on this topic can you point me to the Episode #’s?


    • @ Sean,

      Try Episodes 1111 and 342, which feature selecting and evaluating property. I know there were others…one was specific to bug-out properties. These two are more for homesteading/permaculture purposes.


  2. I’m not an expert but i have a growing interest in the industrial applications of hemp. I’m continuing research on a lot of the specific but there is rumored to be nearly 25,000 uses for hemp. May be a cool topic?

  3. I sent Nicole Foss from a link to your guest sign up page but of course it’s closed down for now, hopefully she’ll try again after the New Year.

    You both are doing your best to help people prepare for what’s coming, your messages and most of your conclusions are similar (permaculture, low carb/paleo, prepping, homesteading to some extent) but your backgrounds are totally different.

    When she talks about government being too big it’s not from a libertarian perspective but more like physics (anyone interested can read the heady Fractal Adaptive Cycles in Natural and Human Systems here:

    Looking forward to that interview!

  4. I’ve spammed John Ross of the famous gun law book “Unintended Consequences” and JJ Luna of the famous privacy book “How to Be Invisible”
    I’m going to put myself froward on “the survival scene in Australia (including gun laws”, “EMP, what it is and how to defend against it(and solar coronal mass ejections)” and “the motobike as a BOV”.

  5. I’ve just been to the guest page and it’s closed. Does this mean Jack has enough voices or has he forgotten to open it?

    • First paragraph of the post above

      Just a heads up and I will re-post this in January when we open up bookings again. On that note right now we are not taking guest applications as we are booked into February. Once we go that far out we stop taking apps and wait a while. But on January 1st we will re-open the application.

      So um, yea, um yea, LOL

  6. As far as subjects, how about one on allergies and how to make your own remedies for.
    In our household we currently have a bad case of cedar fever.
    As news now includes the daily pollen count and I know of many that suffer from various allergies, it would be a great show topic.