Expert Council Q&A for 9-9-22 – Epi-3163 — 3 Comments

  1. I completely agree with Jack concerning his response to the man about him eating keto. I changed to lowcarb/keto almost 26 years ago. My husband did not join me until 2018, after he had two massive heart attacks. Please stay lovingly firm. You will see incredible changes in your health. Will your wife watch some Ken Berry Youtube videos? My mother was the one who hated my new way of eating. She tried lots of sabotage, taunting, etc. She was heavy and had never been successful at losing and keeping off weight. I lost 88 pounds and have kept it off all these years. Keep eating keto and give your wife time.

  2. Great quote…One of my other favorites is Henry Ford’s

    “Whether you think you can or you think you can not. You are correct!”

    Its all a mindset as in so many things that Jack talks about. I love the latest podcast “Its the end of the World and I feel fine” Perfect mindset, turn off the news and GSD!

  3. Hi Jack

    You had Dr. Bones on Friday and he covered what to do for severe burns.

    I was surprised that lavender oil was never mentioned since I had such a good experience in removing the pain almost completely.

    I burned my forearm with 400 degree bacon grease right out of the oven. After a week of lavender oil and colidal silver spray. I left it uncovered the hole time, as it started to dry out and scab over. I put coconut oil on to get some relief because it was painful to move with a scab that large. Almost no scaring at all

    Thanks for everything you do