TSPC Expert Council Q&A 9-16-21 – Epi-2957 — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Jack. I have been an avid listener for years. Your podcasts have kept me sane for thousands of travel miles. As a retired safety consultant, I have learned alot from your podcasts and you have altered my view upon politics beyond belief. Thanks to you, I have finally discovered the reality of voluntaryism. Our collective future will be quite different. Thank God for freedom if thought.

    My Dad and I are planning a “100 Towns in 100 Days” as a celebration of his 100th birthday in June of 2023. He is a WWII vet, successful Endodontist, philanthropist, etc.. it would be great if we could land near you and visit during our adventure. He is an incredibly smart person who understands what our culture is all about. I only hope he lives that long. He is still flying airplanes today!! He is an incredibly positive person. At 98 today, he us a great inspiration to many people.
    If you would like to converse with him at any time, that would be fine. He is my inspiration. I am 68 and always learn something new from him every day.

    Thanks for what you do, Jack.

  2. Ive installed Corian counters before. Here’s the best trick to cut them. Use a plunge router with a straight carbide bit. The only easiest way to use a guide is a piece of straight wood, hot glued on. It sounds crazy but if you use denatured alcohol to clean the top hot glue will stick well and not come off until you hit it with the alcohol again. No permanent marks either.