Expert Council Q&A for 8-18-23 – Epi-3357 — 6 Comments

  1. Greetings, I would like to comment on the well casing with a chicken house above it. Regardless of a chicken house above it or a shop or regular house, that well needs to be sealed. The well is a wet Petri dish for multiplying bacteria. Blowing air in the well and back out will contaminate the well with bacteria, the water will be unsafe to drink. You can bleach the well and seal it again, so if he has tried it already he hasn’t made a permanent mistake. He needs to use the cold water to cool and heat.

  2. Where are you getting your figures on the Ukraine war casualties? You threw out the number of 400,000 DEAD Ukrainians…as many as the total number of Americans killed in all of WWII (407,000). You also say you think it has been 10:1 Ukrainian to Russian casualties. One source from 3 days ago linked below estimates:
    Russians: KIA-120,000, WIA 300,000
    Ukrainian: KIA-70,000, WIA 100-120,000

    Even if the media is lying it has to be off by a 6x on the Ukrainian KIA and factor of 17x (70,000×17=1,200,000 to 120,000 dead Russians) to be a 10:1 offset.

    It’s not like you to be so wildly off on your facts. If it makes you feel better, despite this substantial difference in stats I still see this war ending the way you describe and how most of us sane folks that are not emotionally invested knew it would from the start.

    • Col. Douglas McGregor whom I trust infinitely more than the US Gov, the UK Gov, either nation’s media, more than Russia or its media, etc.

      The best and most honest coverage you will get on all this is

      1. Redacted (on YouTube)
      2. Col. McGregor
      3. Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter

      Those are the only public sources I trust along with my own confidential sources. But please believe The Guardian if you want to. McGregor and Ritter put out a lot of stuff and both are on ReDacted quite often as well. Col. McGregor has had the best analysis and most honest information on this all since it started. The guy formally advised the White House but now is “crazy”. Take that for what you will.

      • Thanks! I figured you had some other sources, I just couldn’t find anything close to your numbers and while I don’t trust them the Guardian was the highest body count I’d seen.

        “Meat grinder” is definitely the right word….even if these low-end estimates were correct each side has in just 2 years has lost 1.5 to 2 times as many troops as all US KIAs in 10 years of Vietnam!