Episode-2717- The Expert Council Show for 8-14-20 — 7 Comments

  1. Cooking pad Thai like some of the restaurants do it is pretty tricky for some reason. You can find a recipe online or get it from non Thai  chefs, but it still won’t come out anywhere near the same. I have tried many times but I gave up unless I want to settle for my mediocre results.

    Curry on the other hand is not very difficult if you can find a decent sauce.

    You can usually find decent peanut sauce as well for chicken or whatever

    If you want the thai ice tea mix, you have to get it from Thailand. It has tons of orange food coloring, but there is no way to get it without the food coloring. I found some without the food coloring from an american company but it was lousy

  2. The link for Acellus Academy is bad. It is a duplicate of the Ivermectin link.

  3. I’ve had a hard time finding decent Thai food offerings here, so like many things I’ve learned to make a couple things by scratch. The first is Tom Kha Gai (coconut chicken soup) which is my go-to when one or more of us is struggling with a cold. I use lemongrass paste that I bring over from our USA trips; I know Chef Keith Snow is down on those, but that’s the only lemongrass option we have and IMO it works well enough. The second is Pad Thai, which is a very recent learned recipe for me. I can’t say my sauce is even close to top-notch yet, but it’s far better than any local restaurant I’ve had here. Exploring the Thai yellow curries is next on my list.

    Funny how the relative lack of certain restaurant food options can lead to upping one’s cooking game. 🙂



    • Hey look! Over the past several weeks I seem to have attracted a dedicated butthurt troll here who downvotes every comment I make on Jack’s site. Or do you just have really strong feelings about Thai cooking? 😉

      If you like you can troll me directly by visiting my comic at ! If you’re gonna continue your obsession, you might as well cut out the middle man and not do it half-assed, right? 🙂

  4. Perhaps the two ‘classes’ (gov’t schooling vs. other options) already exist and have for a while, but primarily as a mindset… there have been secondary effects & differences in terms of type & level of income, salary, and wealth, but they haven’t been as blatant if one hasn’t been looking for it. Especially as people have been able to borrow heavily to maintain appearances of prosperity.

    So I think the change Jack is talking about is those material differences being laid bare and exploding to the point even a mainstream media zombie won’t be able to ignore. Those who dutifully follow the path that’s expected of them, such as gov’t schooling, will no longer have the abundance of opportunities similar people had decades prior. Automation, debt collapse, and inflation all come together to bend the average citizen over in the coming years, and gov’t schooling will play its part in hampering the individual’s ability to adapt to the changes. And I suspect eventually the majority of the “gov’t & conventional school” class will morph into the UBI-supported masses in twenty years (or less).

    For those who haven’t seen the sci-fi show “The Expanse” (or read the books based off of it), the majority of Earth’s citizens are UBI dependents and live in a state of poverty or barely above it. It’s the frontier areas on Mars, the Belt, and the outer planets where people on average are more independent and work for a living. Maybe that’s us in a century or two.