Expert Council Q&A for 7-8-22 – Epi-3121 — 5 Comments

  1. Not sure where the UFO stuff came from. There are 7 stars besides our own within 10 LY distance. Assuming we can get to say 20% of C, we could get there in only 50 years which would seem like only 49 years to the travelers. And as for not announcing their presence, that is easy, knowledge of other species would drive all religious people crazy.

    • I think I found the video you saw:

      The solutions are all included, but badly referenced.

      The first is lots of energy from fission/fusion or antimatter fuel. The layers of shields required are first magnetic and is called a Basard Ramjet. It magnetically funnels stray atoms in your path down to a narrow stream that you shunt through the center of the ship and use as reaction mass to keep the ship going.

      The second is meters of ice to catch what the magnets miss, then standard titanium & lead for final shielding. The crew quarters would be small, but with suspended animation they won’t mind the cramped space.

      This is all with the physics we understand and just some advances in atomic power. It all gets WAY easier if we knew the force that is accelerating the whole universe apart whether it be dark energy or whatever. We only know about 4% of the mattet in the universe. Someone who knows twice as much might solve these issues very differently and maybe easier.

      They also probably wouldn’t send living things, they would send tiny robots which make everything easier but less mentally flexible than a living crew. They would be smart but probably rooted to core principles like: just observe and report, as how could you program something to deal with something that that is literally completely alien to you? Easy. Just look, don’t touch. then send back data. Am I saying that is what UFOs are? I don’t know, but I can say it is theoretically possible, just massively unlikely.

  2. I can’t even hear Ron Paul speak without wanting to shed a tear. It’s like losing the chance to take the hot girl out to the dance in high school, or buying Bitcoin at $1. Ron Paul as President. Opportunity of a lifetime, and America threw him under the bus.