Episode-1838- Expert Council Q&A for 7-29-16 — 9 Comments

  1. I really like how you talked about looking at the process underneath questions toward the end of this podcast, Jack. I’ve also been thinking about the short term future of the education system recently, and your take give me pause to continue reflection. Thanks!

  2. Hello Jack, Darby and Nick this is Evan from Australia who’s question was featured today. Thank you all so much for your input, when Darby said lupins are very similar to soy beans I knew I was onto a winner. I will keep everyone updated on our progress, most likely through the Regenerative Agriculture FB group and probably my own youtube channel as well.
    As a side note I just want to point out how amazing it is that a young man from the bottom of Australia can send a question to a red neck in Texas who then passes the question to a farmer in Indiana and a homesteader in Louisiana for expert advice. The future is bright if we keep talking to each other

  3. I live very close to the Kaibab Paiute and Navajo reservations and have friends and customers from both tribes. Without exception they refer to themselves as “Indians” – for Navajos, also “Dine” – not “Native Americans”. So if you’ve offended anyone, it’s probably a white person. 🙂

    • In my 20s I had a girlfriend who was an Indian and she called herself… an Indian. I use that experience to inform my writing.

      FYI, I am Jewish and I am surprised at how many people become uncomfortable when I use the word “Jew.” For some reason they seem to think that using the word “Jewish” is less offensive. I have no idea what they are talking about.

      Brits are British.
      Swedes are Swedish.
      Poles are Polish.
      Jews are Jewish.

      I have no idea what the Irish are. 🙂

      Alex Shrugged

      • I grew up being called a Ukie, never hurt my feelings whether it was from another Ukie or a Pole or a Lithuanian or an Irishmen.

  4. Crab bacon fresh spinach & Swiss omelet. Frozen dungies are fine. Add some fresh shucked oysters and you will slap your momma. Squeeze a little fresh lime over the top.

    • Man use commas, my mind is swimming with the concept of “crab bacon” LOL

  5. I wanted to suggest trying Paleo Auto Immune protocol for arthritis. It isn’t going to heal it but it may be helpful. What have you got to lose by trying? My rheumatologist also turned me onto removing night shades for fibromyalgia years ago. That lead from one thing to another and now here I am pain and mostly symptom free (multiple auto immune diseases and I did do two years of GAPS which is much more strict). I have many friends who this has helped. It may also prolong the progression. My favorite research on AIP is done by Dr. Sarah Ballentine a research scientist over at

    Hope this helps!