Episode-2259- Expert Council for 7-27-18 — 5 Comments

  1. Just out of curiosity I tried the cell phone blog posting thing with the blog my close friend and I run.

    Nicole was right. It sucked and took twice as long. Get a computer and simplify your existence.


  2. just a thought — if all you need is a cheap machine with a larger screen and a keyboard for blog posting and basic photo editing ( cropping, light balance, etc )

    check out used chrome books – even cheap and slow ones can do this task easily and you can pick them up for under $100

    • That is a good point, I held off recommending one though because I have zero experience with them.

  3. Google’s Chrome devices are criminally underrated. I was shocked to find several very nice audio editing and recording studios online. Not just some podcast hosting service.

    Each guest/source has their own screen/login to the website.
    They only need a microphone and earphones.
    All recording is done to the cloud. Basically every person uploads two copies of the audio, a live streamed version and a higher quality version that is stored locally and also copied to the server in real time.
    You can perform a live broadcast if you wish.
    During the live broadcast the host has individual gain controls per person on the live broadcast.
    During editing each party is on a separate track again with their own gain controls.
    The editor is missing noise reduction to be feature competitive with Audacity for 90% of podcasting uses.
    The exported audio file can be hosted on the studio’s site or downloaded to publish elsewhere.

    Wow, was my response. A bigger wow after I saw the price tag per month.