Episode-1843- Expert Council Q&A for 8-5-16 — 10 Comments

  1. Erica is my favorite TSP expert, you know I could listen to her talk about lard and bone stock all day!

  2. Comment on the year that was the episode: one of my ancestors was one of the many that went to Alaska for the gold rush there. He wrote an article about his experiences for an Alaska magazine. In that article (which I have a copy), he talks about the “outfitters” who provided them the “must have” supplies for going to Alaska. Most were abandoned very quickly because there was no way to transport several tons of supplies on a horse or on one’s back if one didn’t have a horse which most did not. It was clear from his account that the one’s who made out the best financially on the gold rush were the “outfitters”.

  3. Cholesterol: This has probably turned out to be one of the biggest scams in human history. The statin industry in the US has more than $40B in annual revenues, and worldwide it is probably near $1T.

    The test that the medical profession is trained to use to sell statins has been obsolete for at least 20 years. It is the Friedewald test. Most doctors employ this because it is fast, cheap, and almost always guarantees a drug sale, especially with that 200 mg/dl number of demarcation, which of course comes from the drug industry by way of the AHA, or formerly the NIH so called cholesterol education council.

    At any rate it will take you about one hour to know more about cholesterol than your doctor. Just start here,, and proceed through all of the essays. Peter Attia is an oncologist that got very upset about the current state of the medical profession with regard to this subject and decided to do something about it.

    If you digest the material on Apo-A and Apo-b lipoproteins, and want to proceed to paying for an NMR Lipid profile it will cost you about $100. This test is the only way you are actually going to make any progress in discerning what your fasting lipids look like. Whether it means anything with respect to CHD, diabetes, or any number of other chronic diseases is subject to more contention than you possibly could imagine if you had not looked into this subject before.

    Believe it or not, being terrorized by my doctor with statins actually led me to this forum. If you eat the way it is described here, you can probably forget about lipid profiles. In fact, learning how to defend yourself from the medical profession should probably be a serious survivalist topic. When it comes to acute care medicine is brilliant. When it comes to chronic disease you might be better off in the 19th century, and your doctor is trained to make it come out this way.

    For what it is worth here is my one data point on blood serum lipids, after paying out of pocket for those NMR lipid profiles for three years. The big macro nutrients of interest are fat and carbohydrates – surprise, surprise. It has been known for over half a century that triglyceride levels are very sensitive to carbohydrate consumption. You won’t find one doctor in ten that knows this. They won’t even ask you what you eat, and instead tell you to take niacin. This is a clear sign of incompetence. Five years ago my cholesterol was hitting about 245 with the bogus Friedewald test. My triglycerides were hitting about 140. The LDL, which is not clinically significant for anything, was hitting about 135, so I got hit with the statin ploy. I said no way, I would change my diet and make it better. I got all of the low fat bull shit from the AHA and proceeded for one year. I had the worst health in my life, and the Friedewald test got worse. In fact, it was so bad, I figured if I could decipher the opposite of what my diet amounted to the lipid profile would get better.

    I started carbohydrate counting. I would methodically reduce carb intake and then pay for an NMR lipid profile. This went on for about three years. I went from low fat- high carb to high fat – low carb. So what happened? The HDL-C went from 72 to 114. The LDL-C actually dropped to about 119, although I associate that with a weight loss of about 15 pounds, which was not the point, but I just naturally went back to what I weighed when I was 30; I am 69 now.
    The Triglycerides went down to 47 mg/dL. That is right; the magic ratio dropped below one -Trig/HDL-C. The type B LDL, supposedly the small, dense artherogenic LDL dropped below the measurement threshold. At this point I was on a full blown ketogenic diet, eating less than 50g of carbohydrate per day, and hitting about 75% by calorie daily fat consumption.
    And the LDL-P was discordant with the LDL-C in a supposedly favorable direction and all of the particles were jumboized. You will have to read the essays to see what I am referring to. If you tell this to your doctor, you will get a deer in the headlights reaction, mainly because it means they have been exposed.

    So you see, it has all been a big fat scam. Your doctor is trained to make and keep you sick, and those licensed dietitians are licensed indirectly by the processed food industry. Like I said above, if this is not a survivalist topic then I don’t know what is. The US food supply is designed to give you a supposedly bad lipid profile, cause unlimited chronic disease, and the drug and medical industry is there to turn you into a permanent cash flow.

    • Oh I am so fucking reading that on the air on Monday’s show! Bravo! If you said it out loud in front of me I would be leading a standing applause!

      If you haven’t read Protein Power Life Plan I highly recommend you do, a lot of what you said is backed up in there and you may learn another thing or two worth the ten bucks and the time.

      And this fing nugget,

      ” In fact, learning how to defend yourself from the medical profession should probably be a serious survivalist topic.”

      If I were Michael and Mary Dan Eades I would be using that as my main marketing slogan!

  4. I read Protein Power some time ago, and I am a big fan of Michael Eades. I follow his blog, and caught his lecture at the LCHF health convention in Capetown, South Africa in 2015.

    Eades provided an anthropological perspective, which I think is probably the best way to approach this subject. I don’t mind charts and graphs, but for most people the Paleo approach is probably the most convincing.

    There has been so much harm done to the US population in the past half century by the government’s dietary standards which arose from industrial agriculture that you might have been better off to endure a third world war. This crap – diet heart hypothesis, low fat, cholesterol, stuff never had any scientific basis. Some think it arose from the decision to turn the US into the largest grain exporter in the world after WWII. I don’t know, but it is not going to get fixed until the old guard just dies off. At this point the same can be said around the world. The situation is a disaster in the Union of South Africa (they tried to sanction Noakes for recommending real food be fed to an infant), the UK, Australia, etc. Everywhere the US food industry goes into an otherwise healthy population chronic disease follows and there are no exceptions. This does not mean you can’t find populations eating high carb, but it does mean you cannot do it on fruit loops and cheeto’s. Here is a Canadian documentary, This is just one of many. Jay Wortman ran this one.