Expert Council Q&A for 6-2-22 – Epi-3106 — 2 Comments

  1. Good podcast overall today.

    Only one thing I would not agree with.
    Keeping any bird permanently in a cage indoors either for ornamental or for food seems cruel to me.

    I could not enjoy eating its eggs or meat knowing that the poor bird existed as a prisoner in a cage.

    I think birds should be free to roam and scratch and socialize freely out in the open every day like Jack’s ducks in a big environment similar to how they evolved.

    I think birds permanently in a cage would be terribly depressed and therefore it would not be healthy to eat their eggs or their meat

  2. Can’t disagree with Jeff, but I will add 2 things. I’ve been dealing with Japanese Beetles for a few years and have experienced success with Surround, which is a coating clay based spray. It works to inhibit the insect. It does need reapplication after a rain, but it certainly helps. I have not used the traps because I have read negative experiences that the swarms of insects they attract far surpass the insects they catch.