Expert Council Q&A for 3-28-24 – Epi-3470 — 2 Comments

  1. Have you commented about how they have gone after AJ over Sandy hook ? I listened to him enough to realize that it was true that he stopped talking about it for years. I find it disturbing the amount of law fare against trump and his people and AJ with no jury and corrupt judges and judges and lawyers afraid to do the right thing. I listen to AJ enough that immediately when Covid started, when I first heard anything when it was in China, I knew something big was up and I researched these things on my own for years prior and I stopped trusting the medical system which seems to be tyrannical.

    I can’t listen to AJ all the time but he has his moments and interviews a lot of people. I can’t listen to him all the time because many times it is hype but more importantly it’s just depressing even if a lot of it is true on some level. The propaganda against him is basically that he harmed some people over Sandy hook and that whole thing is super weird and very strange to make any sense out of but he did stop talking about it as he said he did

  2. For AJ maybe everything is a conspiracy but for a lot of people on the other side, there is no conspiracy anywhere whatsoever. I seem to meet those people all the time. They seem to trust the government and institutions a great deal. They believe everything on global warming, all propaganda on Ukraine, everything they are told about Covid, and whatever the FBI says about Russiagate, most of what the FDA says about vitamins etc. That seems like the majority of most people and I guess many believe conspiracy stuff need censorship, although many people have come to distrust things so conspiracy minded people have increased a great deal as well