Expert Council Q&A for 2-1-24 – Epi-3440 — 1 Comment

  1. About the headlice my research found that tea tree oil is better than chemical options. I started using (personally) dr brons tea tree oil shampoo in my house.

    Also, there is a pour over ivermectin treatment that is used for cows that works well but you have to treat more than once (doesnt kill eggs). it’s blue and in alcohol.

    Another “inexpensive” option is to get the ivermectin horse paste and blend it with hair conditioner about 4:1 (cond:iver) and rub it thouroughly into your hair (get the scalp!) and leave it in for some hours before you rinse it. Its cheaper than the branded lice options at walgreens or whatever and it will get the eggs unlike the pour over (but you should treat twice a few days apart).

    I wrote but i need to update it better its not very clear.