Expert Council Q&A – Epi-3424 — 1 Comment

  1. I believe the core supposition is incorrect on the “plants are poison because they don’t want us to eat them” discussion. Plants don’t “want” anything or at least their DNA does not “want” anything. Evolution doesn’t give anything what it wants, it gives them what allows them to survive and multiply. We all developed in a system that included plants and animals. In that way rice, wheat and corn have used humans VERY effectively to allow them to multiply, not on purpose, just by accident. Grasses may use herbivores to remove competition, add nitrogen and remove compaction. I don’t know all they get from the bargain, but for the survivors it obviously works, if only it keeps the trees from out-competing them and allowing the area to go to forest. Killing the herbivores probably would be a mutual suicide pact. We are omnivores not herbivores, but still part of the same system where we all evolved so they don’t “want” to poison us.