Expert Council Q&A – Epi-3416 — 4 Comments

  1. Your tirade on Israel Palestine seriously pissed me off. Lumping all opposition to the genocide taking place there as leftists is intellectually dishonest. There are many good libertarian takes on this, I particularly recommend Sheldon Richman’s Coming to Palestine, commentary on the Libertarian Institute, Scott Horton, Judge Napolitano, for solid, moral arguments against what is happening. Killing women and children by the tens of thousands is fucking wrong. At the very least the US needs to stop funding and arming the Israeli government.

    • I didn’t “lump opposition” into jack shit.

      How about you tell me any time in history when the “Palestinians” controlled Israel as a region, EVER?

      And again my actual opinion is the US should stay out of it and all wars and conflicts that do not directly effect us. That is an ACTUAL libertarian take.

    • What no you talk all this smack about me lumping shit in and then when challenged no response? Okay here is some more to respond to…

      1. Tell me one time anyone from the Palestinian side ever sat down to officially negeciate with Israel, ONE TIME, go ahead.

      2. Tell me ONE elected official from the Palestinian people who ever said or even inferred that Israel even has the right to exist.

      3. With all the talk of a “two state solution” tell me one elected official or member of the Palestinian government who has ever said they wanted that too.

      When you realize you can’t answer any of these nor the first one, may be it is time to reconsider your position here?