Expert Council Q&A for 10-5-23 – Epi-3389 — 5 Comments

  1. For flashlights, I’ve had good experiences with the Sofirn brand, German designed Chinese made. The SP31v2 is 1200 lumen, 18650 for $40.

  2. Have to disagree with Tool Man Tim on one of his products. The First Alert fire spray is nothing but false confidence. I bought a two pack of those cans and thought I was good to go. Had a small fire that extended just past my fireplace. I sprayed the base of the fire with the tiny stream that comes out of those cans and it did almost nothing. I used up both cans and the fire was no smaller. A few glasses of water and the fire was out. I’m really thankful the fire was small enough that the ineffectiveness of those cans didn’t hurt us. Avoid the false sense of security and just get a fire extinguisher. The safety of your family is worth a few extra dollars.

    Love the rest of the products.

  3. If you have the Dewalt 20V platform going for power tools, check out the spotlight they offer. It’s not a good EDC light, but for searching the property it delivers at least 1/4 mile of very bright light. We keep one right by the door to check our property. Dewalt part # DCL043 Job sight spot light.

  4. Owned every one of the Streamlights, ProTac is by far my favorite.

    Didn’t care for the Stylus, but that was due to where I wanted to carry in my cargo pants, more than the light itself.

    Compared to cheaper imitations,Streamlight, presumably all name brands, do not get hot no matter how long you leave them on and seem to have more balanced battery economy.

  5. If you need a light that fits nicely in the hand and brings the sun with it, I’d go with cloud defensive MCH. Brings all the linens.