Expert Council Q&A for 6-22-23 – Epi-3332 — 2 Comments

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to this program, and the gross idiotic commentary regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine is embarrassing, pretending Russians dancing to popular music based on sleazy propaganda doesn’t mean they aren’t the villains in 90% of the equation. An echo chamber of as$hats maybe?

    • Thank you for proving every word I said about modern programming making most people totally incapable of an honest assessment of any complex situation.

      And bluntly until you are capable of actually hearing what is said vs. hearing what you want to hear, go fuck yourself.

      I never said anyone was or was not a “villain” I did say this is a 9 year old civil war on Russia’s border and it was caused by the US Government illegally overthrowing an election in Ukraine. Want to prove that isn’t true, go ahead.