Expert Council Q&A for 6-22-23 – Epi-3327 — 6 Comments

  1. I started using AI to help me write copy for my marketing emails. I also used it to give me suggestions for “hook” sentences. Then I used it to generate ideas for a children’s book I want to write and illustrate. Honestly it is helping me get past writers block and saving me tons of time. I generated multiple email content to load into my mail chimp templates in one afternoon. It was all my emails for the next week that I could schedule out and be done, I love what it can do. I don’t take straight copy, but use it for started ideas and concepts. Play with it…it is free and you might be surprised the time saving it gives back to do other things.

  2. Before we end up in war with Russia and china ? Hahaha. Three days to Kyiv turned into three hours to Moscow. Russia and China ain’t doing anything.

    Is this one of the rare occasions Jack admits he is wrong?

  3. Listening to the discussion on testosterone tickled my memory about endocrine disruption caused by those plug in air fresheners. I believe that I heard you say that your wife likes those?

    Here’s one of the studies but there is a lot of info online if you do a search for “air fresheners endocrine disruption”.

  4. Tried to leave a comment about air fresheners and endocrine disruption but got “spam” message and said was disallowed?