Expert Council Q&A for 6-8-23 – Epi-3318 — 2 Comments

  1. The song “The Roof, The Roof is on fire…let the MFr burn, burn MFr, burn!!!”

    …aka the Philly MOVE Movement

  2. From practical experience this mag mount works better with the setup John described. The coax is thin enough to route thru a closed door, the door seals have enough give to let it pass thru with out compressing the cable. And it comes with the proper adapter for the hand held

    Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72G Super Loading Coil 20-Inch Magnetic Mount (Heavy Duty) GMRS (462MHz) Antenna PL-259, Includes Additional SMA Male & Female Adaptors for GMRS Handheld Radios