Expert Council Q&A for 6-2-23 – Epi-3313 — 2 Comments

  1. I literally don’t give a damn if the Earth is flat, square, round, or spherical. I don’t run around calling people idiots and shit like that for no fucking reason at all. Just because you’re right about a whole lot of things don’t mean you know everything. That was actually a stupid thing for you to say. I’m sure you would say you don’t give a damn if those idiots unsubscribe but what if they unsubscribe because you said some stupid shit and then they don’t learn what they need to learn to help them survive what’s happening and coming upon us? You Tube has almost completely removed all flat earth videos except those talking shit about flat earthers. Explain why they would do that. Saying that the earth is flat is Not the same as yelling fire in a theater. Many of them do give a reason the government would cover that up.

    • Sorry dude if you think the earth is flat…

      1. You are an idiot
      2. You have decided that logic is not relevant to reality
      3. I can’t help you because what I teach is based on logic

      Willful ignorance can only be cured but the individual who has willed it in the first place. I don’t owe you or anyone else anything but to do what I have always promised, give my honest fuckin opinion. I suggest you read this page if you have never done so. Specifically section three, subset five.

      Also there are tons and tons of loon shit on YouTube pimping the flat earth model.