Expert Council Q&A for 5-25-23 – Epi-3308 — 3 Comments

  1. I’d suggest honey locust for that privacy hedge. Grows native in northwest Ohio, so I’d assume it continues into Michigan. It gets gnarly 6-8 inch thorns and is a nitrogen fixer. Pods are edible and have decent protein content so it has been used as livestock fodder.

  2. On Garlic Mustard, it makes a solid FPJ for KNF. There are plenty of regen-no till-natural farmers that would barter for that stuff. Plant food for pennies on the dollar from your land back to your land.

  3. Nick is on target regarding evergreens in MI. I’d add white cedar (arborvitae). He mentioned Osage Orange I believe but a fast growing thorny deciduous pick would be Black Locust. You can tailor your height requirements with pruning. The reason I wouldn’t pick Honey locust is those thorns will put a hole in a tractor tire!
    Also shrub layer natives would be Rugosa Rose, black raspberries, and gooseberry! Thorns, thorns, and more thorns! So many fast and easy growing natives that would love to fill in that niche.