Expert Council Q&A for 4-21-23 – Epi-3295 — 3 Comments

  1. Worth noting that many electrical generation systems(Wind turbines, etc) have a sort of overload protection that dumps energy into a big ceramic resistor that creates heat. May as well scavenge that heat intentionally with a heating element in some sand or water.

    Charge your batteries for your automation system and create some extra heat for the critters during winter gales kind of thinking.

  2. In reference to the US involvement in the Ukraine Russian conflict. Just before my unit’s deployment to Afghanistan we were training in 29 Palms and had an intel guy come out to the field to educate us on their culture and whatnot. During this “class” he said the quiet part out loud and told us point blank “Do you know why you’re going to Afghanistan? It’s so the government can get a return on their investment.” he went on to explain that was why we needed to go and fight. So that the government could see a financial return. It was a wonderful learning moment for 20 y/o me.