Expert Council Q&A for 10-28-22- Epi-3193 — 2 Comments

  1. Big thank you Jack. Very much appreciate the content. Just got 10 acres, no mortgage, off grid, conifer forest with 3 acres cleared and graded, year round fast creek, plans for nursery. Pretty sure if I had not found your site a decade ago, I’d be lost on what to do cause there is “nothing” here but an old outhouse and a gutted airstream. 1st step is solar panels, then pumps, lights and outlets. Take a day off to get a trailerfull of kelp, then build pens and prep for orchard if the ground isn’t froze. I hadn’t planned on starting fresh again at 68. But with what I learned, mostly from 10 years of you, I got this. With knowledge, there is freedom without fear. Thank you. The guy is talking bout setting up panels. Perfect. Here’s to 10 more. Gary

  2. Jack,

    You mentioned 4 plants to grow in the current food shortage environment in a recent podcast. I was going to write them down but didn’t get around to it and then took the podcast off my queue. I know one was a tromboncino squash and maybe a something aquatica. Do you remember all four plants?