Expert Council Q&A for 7-14-22 – Epi-3125 — 2 Comments

  1. To add to Tool Man Tim’s segment:

    As a 22+ year plumber I have found the absolute best toilet replacement hacks.

    1- Use a wet vac to get all the water out of the fixture.

    2- Don’t use a wax ring -yuck- use a Fernco wax free toilet seal, will never ever need to be replaced and way less nasty. 100 x better than the old wax rings.

    3- Pick up some fiberglass flange bolts. So much easier to cut than the brass variety and will never corrode.

    Also if you happen to break the porcelain on the toilet be careful, porcelain chips are the sharpest thing known to man.

  2. One of my sons made the best blackberry fruit leather with his 4 year old. He used some kind of juicer which separated the seeds from the juice and pulp, added a small amount of sugar, used silicone mat with parchment paper. Cut fruit leather and parchment. Rolled up cut pieces with parchment paper