Expert Council Q&A for 5-19-22 – Episode – 3102 — 13 Comments

  1. Spirko, Regarding the idea that grains require too much processing to be palatable to be considered healthy. This argument is WEAK and I think counterproductive. Many civilizations have thrived with traditionally processed grains. The problem is that most people think that the grains they consume these days are the equivalent and they are not. Another point that gets overlooked almost entirely is that “moderate” consumption for most of the evolution of humanity would’ve been limited to short seasons and then only that which could be harvested by hand.

    Now, a question. To what extent have each of the following contributed to $6 gas: 1) the peanuts handed out to the most disadvantaged in our society, 2) the entirety of the rest of our government’s policy over the same period of time. Too many people running their mouths with little more than their bias and only the “mischaracterized” data that supports them, effectively expecting the most disadvantaged to shoulder accountability for something completely out of their control.

    • Sorry but your listening skills seem weak. I did not say nor infer too much processing I said ANY processing. Grains are designed to kill you if you tried to eat them as they grow.

      And if you think the processing is minimal may be you should try doing it yourself by hand and find out what it takes to produce say 2,000 calories of grain in a form you can eat with out dying.

      Further try it with wild grain, prior to man altering it with selective breeding into modern form.

      The rest of your post is nothing but appeal to emotion, basically what about poor people.

        • I am a pro I don’t read I speak. I was clear, now go eat some wheat off the stalk and have someone video you when you do so.

  2. MGTOW is about male self improvement. It’s about trying to prevent men from taking their lives since men consist of 80% of suicides and the vast majority occur right after a divorce. MGTOW breaks men of the programming that says we have to involve the government into our relationships aka marriage. The red pill community teaches that it is a bad business decision to sign a contract with a party incentivized to break it.

    There are zero benefits for a man to get married in the modern era outside of financial gain aka business. 80% of divorces are initiated by women and the most common reason cited is monitory over half of marriages end in divorce within 7 years. It makes sense why many men choose to end their lives at that point. When you’re thrown in jail because of her false accusations and you have to prove your innocence (see Depp vs Heard for a current example of this but many men do not have the money to clear their name) and he loses his kids, home, car, and savings. When he is thrown in jail for not paying but she is given a warning is she prevents him from seeing his kids. It’s not hard to see why men choose to end it at that point.

    MGTOW doesn’t say that women are bad. MGTOW and the broader red pill community simply wish to undo the programming and educate men of the extreme risks and from there men can do their own risk analysis and decide if they want to invite the government into their relationship. It’s the willfully programmed that try to shame such a message and paint the group as children. No, it’s the system that the programmed have allowed and we are adapting to. We tell men that they can be in a relationship if they so choose and protect themselves so they don’t end up with a gun in their mouth. Terrence pop who is a YouTuber spreading this message and a wounded vet has a pile of tags from other vets that says this message has saved their life. The stats are even worse in the vet community.

    So for the men reading this please understand you don’t have to invite the government into your relationship. You don’t have to be another statistic. Do not let others shame you for protecting yourself. It’s ok to not be programmed. This message needs to get out everywhere because it’s being silenced.

      • Dont care. Facts are facts and stats are stats. Facts don’t care about your feelings or your programming.

    • Can relate somewhat to your comments. Ex divorced me after 20 years. She claimed because I threatened her in anger, but it had more to do with our political differences and her not wanting to have kids. Left and wouldn’t even consider counseling. Had to give up the homestead we had. Have found that in dating again that most of the women have a tendency to have what I would call cosmopolitan expectations so find it better at least for now to live life as I please.

  3. I am starting to store fuel for my generator. We live in Central Florida and just had a short power outage I think because it is in the 90’s today and all Ac’s are cranked up. What is going to cause the rolling outage this summer you spoke of in the closing segment?

  4. Dr. Berry is correct that nitrates play an important role in human health and nutrition, but the video I linked to is actually about nitrosamines which are created when nitrate is added to meat. Why aren’t nitrates in plants doing the same thing? There are molecules that prevent that in plants. That was the point of the video(, and the references are below the video. The argument that we would have figured out what is bad for us a long time ago would also suggest that are government is good because it persists, and most people believe in it.

  5. @47:05 “Brandon is also concerned about oxalate…” The whole reason I discussed oxalate is because Dr. Berry mentioned the inflammatory effects in TSP 3097 @ 24:25 ( You can ask him what his evidence for oxalate causing inflammation is, though it is well evidenced that oxalate is a part of approximately 80% of kidney stones. If you think he is wrong then there is less for you to worry about. Even children get kidney stones on a keto diet: which is rare in the general population
    I did reference a controlled trial in humans under point #2, and is not self reported epidemiological study (
    No the ketogenic diet is actually bad for you gut:

  6. There is evidence that a low carb diet is worse that a low fat diet and these are not epidemiological studies either:
    Low-carbohydrate diets and all-cause and cause-specific mortality: two cohort studies

    Calorie for calorie, dietary fat restriction results in more body fat loss than carbohydrate restriction in people with obesity
    Energy expenditure and body composition changes after an isocaloric ketogenic diet in overweight and obese men. – in this study they saw evidence of protein loss when on keto vs a low fat diet at the same calories.

    There is better protein balance even with a small amount of carbs vs keto– Protein sparing during treatment of obesity: Ketogenic versus nonketogenic very low calorie diet

    And the opposite is true when instead of giving patients the high carb ADA diet, you given them a higher carb diet: The effect of the macrobiotic Ma-Pi 2 diet vs. the recommended diet in the management of type 2 diabetes: the randomized controlled MADIAB trial

  7. Jack, thanks for the segment on arthritis. Whenever I discover an ailment, I come here to see if the experts have talked about it. Thanks for the high value shows.