Expert Council Q&A for 5-19-22 – Episode – 3097 — 6 Comments

  1. I set up a coinos account and am ready to learn more! Thanks Jack. We have some customers interested in crypto and I think this will technology will help them out.

  2. Oxalates are a problem which is a reason that you should be careful eating meat because you body will produce oxalates outside of the gut:,, ‘This is probably not as big of a problem if you have a healthy gut microbiome to remove the oxalates from your diet that enter the gut ( )

    • This is absolute nonsense, honest to God nonsense so much so that it isn’t worth the time to bother with. I will send it to Ken though in case he sees it worth of refuting on air for the show.

      As to the “healthy gut”, don’t eat all the shit they tell you to eat and you will.