Expert Council Q&A for 5-12-22 – Episode – 3093 — 2 Comments

  1. Jack, for Dr Berry…

    My Dad used to drink Celery juice before going to the doctor so he wouldn’t bother him about how high his blood pressure was. He noticed how blood pressure medication made him feel and didn’t like it. So when he discovered Celery juice, and juicing in general, he was able to fool his doctor until he went into the hospital for a hernia. He took their drugs while he was there then threw them out when he got home.

    He wasn’t one for talking to brick walls, he said, so he just complied for a couple days.

  2. Airsoft: A lot of us USPSA, IPSC, and Steel Challenge shooters have been using airsoft for years. Just use or make one third sized targets and do your distance in feet instead of yards (15 feet instead of 15 yards) and everything is the same.

    They actually have sanctioned airsoft IPSC matches in Japan and those guy’s tend to do really well when they shoot in the USPSA matches here in the US, even in the pro classes.