Expert Council Q&A for 5-5-22 – Epi-3087 — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks Dixie for answering my question on the water filter! I actually bought the “full size” Sawyer Squeeze, and a set of chlorine tablets just in case your answer was different. I think we will just be careful about making sure we use the Squeeze correctly and never use a dirty water bottle by accident!

    And thanks for mentioning the family bonding aspect. My son is getting older, and it’s awfully nice to have something that we can do together and have fun. When we encounter challenges it’s a great opportunity to see how he would handle it and go through it together!

    And Jack, thank you so much for mentioning the usefulness of backpacking as a test of your preps. Many years ago I had a couple minutes to prep for a 5 day hospital stay with my wife. The hospital took great care of her, and doesn’t give two shits about the partner; and when your wife is sure she is about to die, that’s not a good time to go to the store to grab some food. I had a VERY basic “go bag” with granola bars, nuts, jerky, and some water bottles (the nurses did give me water). But that taught me a lot! I lived solely off that bag for 2.5 days, I got one 15 minute resupply from the hospital store, and did the other 2.5 days. I’m not ex-military or in any way the type of person you think can survive on cockroaches and their own pee; but I did just fine with a few granola bars per day, nuts every few hours, and jerky to fill in the gaps. I’m sure the stress of the situation decreased my hunger, but I expected to be in for a world of hurt, and in hindsight I’ve very glad I got a tiny experience of what it’s like when you need to eat quickly and survive on only what’s in your bag.

    Anyone who says, “if times get tough I’m going to march into the woods and live off the land” needs to get slapped by a salmon, but then them and everyone else should go backpacking with your gear and see how you do. It’s so fun to actually use your preps and get good at them. It’s pouring buckets, huh? Every EDC accessory on your body is covered in paracord – make a lean-to and put your tent under that. I bet you will find some holes in your preps, maybe you don’t have any idea how to make the right knot? Maybe your flashlight isn’t water resistant? Maybe your tarp doesn’t have grommet holes? Maybe you wore all cotton clothes, you are now drenched, and even though it’s 50F outside you are starting to shiver and at high risk of hypothermia because you didn’t pack a second set of clothes, and you shouldn’t have been wearing all cotton anyways! Or maybe you were like me and are 75 or 100+ pounds overweight and get sore and out of breath just walking up hill a few miles. I lost 50 pounds and have 50 more to go. But you know what? I can carry a 40 pound pack for 5 miles no problem. My ass used to weigh more than that!

    Backpacking has become my favorite hobby! I love being prepared, and it makes me so happy when I am out on trail and some new situation comes up, and I have exactly the right tool or knowledge to handle it. And I’m also excited when I encounter a new situation that I am NOT prepared for. I note it down in my phone and that gives me something new to research or think about how to address.

    Eric from Michigan

  2. ‘the best living permaculturalist on the planet’ makes me cringe big time. GL is in many ways not true to the ethics – his latest swimming pool project and even the whole Jordan greening the desert project(s) – both catering for the privileged clientele (swim in a dam and those projects cost so much that locals could never copycat them like they should be able to do and people flying in to do a PDC certainly not earth care).
    Your claims that earthworks will continue to improve ecological function for 500 years is laughable. I went to Mollison’s farm in Tyalgum just 13 years after it was abandoned. Buildings rotting, piles of trash about to be burnt, lantana piles made with big machine and practically no food anywhere. Only one dam had visible water, the others completely overgrown, swales blocked up, and so on. It was sad to see.
    Giving such a title to someone based on slick promotional market driven videos that actually have very little useful content (they are just selling his online course) is irresponsible and insulting to thousands who do permaculture without the ego.. mostly folks who don’t self promote, do things for others without ulterior motive, etc. In some ways GL is one of those who gives pc a bad name… (by over promising, over selling, and overcharging…)

    • I really don’t know how such a bitter, jealous, small minded, person even listens to my podcast.

      Show me what you have done in the real world, slick video or not, or move along.