Expert Council Q&A for 3-31-22 – Epi-3070 — 5 Comments

  1. Jack,
    Thanks for taking my question. You nailed the reason for my daughter wanting to be a vegetarian. Dr. Berry did a great job otherwise. Thanks again.

  2. Date in title is a week off…really confused me on Apple Podcast app….thought they had banned you, or some other crap.

  3. an often over looked point in generator choice is the duty rating or expected lifetime hours of the engine from brand to brand
    Its almost never advertised.
    During the years I sold them, there were some at the low end with an expectation of 25 hours of life.
    Some were at 50 hours, similar to entry level chain saws. Many of the most popular sold in box stores are rated at 50 hours.
    Since Champion was mentioned it seemed wise to ask. They are rated at 1000 hours.
    Many higher priced models are at 2500-3000 hours and these ratings are surprisingly often more conservative than the cheaper models.
    Dont think I want a 50 hour generator as a backup for emergencies. Its likely to be deceased just when there are no replacements available.

  4. I have had good luck using 5 gallon buckets with with 2-3 inches of water to drown the mice. I use 2 buckets with a thin board across the top of the buckets. I then balance a plank (dollar store knives work good for this) with a dab of peanut butter on the end. Mickey walks the plank and falls into the bucket.

    This year I have been using these mice to attract carrion beetles. I put the mice in a gallon paint can with small holes about the size your thumb could fit into. The beetle crawl in and feast on the dead stuff and lay some eggs. I then hang the can in the branches of my paw paw trees. Paw paw are pollinated by these beetles. This has dramatically improved fruit set the 2 years I tried this.

    splitting hairs maybe but I am a recovering hospital pharmacist. Old Cobbler is actually a coumarin analog (warfarin like) oral anticoagulant. Heparin is an endogenous anticoagulant that is not orally absorbed and must be given by injection. Mice lack the ability to metabolize the coumadin like drugs and bleed to death after ingesting a relatively small amount. Usually there isn’t a toxic amount in the dead mouse to hurt other animals (dogs/cats/hawks) since metabolize it much better.