Expert Council Q&A for 1-6-22 – Epi–3015 — 6 Comments

  1. When you say “Omnicron” over and over you sound like a fucking idiot. It’s Omicron. Love you Jack, but get it right!

  2. About EVs, snowy traffic jams, and winter in general.
    There is a heck of a lot of FUD out there that 10 years ago would absolutely have been true, but today is more spread about by lack of current knowledge.

    I drive an EV in a place that has a proper winter.
    A modern gas replacement EV (for now, that means Tesla) will do just fine in such a traffic jam, especially when driven by someone with a preparedness mindset.
    Some might even say better than an ICE since there is no risk of CO poisoning.

    Daily commuters stuck in such a winter traffic jam should be able to maintain 70F for 24-30hrs even if they aren’t preparedness minded.
    Your vehicle emergency kit has blankets right? Drop the temp from 70F to 60F and you will almost double the time the battery will last.

    On a road trip the preparedness mindset applies even more so. Keep an eye on road conditions ahead, put a little extra charge in at each stop, and don’t drive into anything stupid.
    Waiting 24 hrs at a hotel/truck stop where you have access to bathrooms and food is a heck of a lot safer and more comfortable than waiting in a traffic jam, especially with kids, or worse upside down and in need of rescue. This is true regardless of how the vehicle is powered.

    For winter in general I prefer to drive the the EV instead of my truck. The heat is on 10 seconds after I get in, no preheating, even at -20F. Yes I could idle my truck for 5-10 minutes to warm it up, but my morning driving is itself only about 10 minutes. Wasteful and hard on the engine.

    For any who doubt
    Bjørn Nyland (Norwegian youtuber) cold tests EVs by camping in them in Norway’s winter weather.

  3. Hey Jack – Have you ever heard of a gentlemen named Isaac Morehouse and his company Praxis? Tucker had him on his Today show maybe a week ago. Specializes in giving kids an alternative to college via an “apprenticeship” in various professions. You might find him to be a worthwhile guest. Just Google him for details. Thank you.