Expert Council Q&A for 3-21-24 – Epi-3466 — 1 Comment

  1. Great episode. Thank you Jack and Expert Council.

    For me, the EGO yard products are very female friendly. I can no longer pull a starter cord on a gas chainsaw, trimmer, etc.. the way I could 20+ years ago. EGO makes it plug and go easy. I look at the EGO line like the AR-15 of lawn/snow tools.

    Currently I have the pole saw and trimmer. During EGO’s Spring sale I picked up their mini snow blower that fits on their multi-tool pole, and also their inverter so it can act as a power bank with their 56V if these is an extended power outage. I”ll be picking up one of the chainsaws before summer is over.

    On the EGO website it looks like they are developing some new tools that even address commercial needs Toolman Tim had mentioned.

    Last summer I convinced my closest friend, also a long time MSB member to consider the lawn mower when his 30+ yr. old gas push mower died beyond reasonable repair cost late. He loves his new EGO electric push mower for his yard.

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