Expert Council Q&A for 3-24-22 – Epi-3060 — 5 Comments

  1. Jack, as of this afternoon all of this week’s episodes are suddenly available in Podcast Player for Android. Whatever the issue was, it seems to be resolved for this particular app. I have not seen this happen in the past, so I am assuming it was some odd technical issue.

    • Tom, I’ve always used an app called Podcast Player. Probably not the greatest, but gets the job done. Their ‘about’ links to

  2. Geoff Lawton’s concepts could turn America’s family farms and small towns around for the cost of a rounding error in the national budget.

  3. Re: the listener in France, pasture vehicle… If he’s willing to incur some debt, some brands are offering pretty good finance options on their subcompact tractors. I believe Deere (typically the most expensive brand) is offering 0%, fixed APR for 72 months on their 1-series. If he’s considering that route, two no-nonsense YouTube channels that I recommend are ‘Tractor Mike’ and ‘Tractor Time With Tim’. They’ll help you get a more realistic idea of the capabilities of these smaller machines. A front-end-loader can be everything from a wheelbarrow to a coworker who can lift 500-pounds. Both the FEL and rear hydraulic connections are cheaper if you buy them with the tractor. For most people, a backhoe attachment is just a 700-pound lawn ornament. Check out mini-ex rental rates before buying that option.