Expert Council Q&A for 12-8-22- Epi-3214 — 7 Comments

  1. I have a feeling we were punked with chef Snow’s bone broth advice. Scrub the bones? I don’t think so.

    • Nope it is a thing.

      It is for people who are really fussy about a clear broth. Another thing some do is boil for say 20 minutes, discard the water then start over.

      My response to all of it is, ain’t nobody got time for that.

  2. First, I’d like to know from the chef if he has ever strained his bone broth.. ? I don’t scrub the bones for broth, but I do strain it. Just looking for his thoughts.

    Second, jack is 100 percent wrong. I let the gamey comments go after being a 14 year listener, but he is wrong with the gaminess. I’m sorry, but shooting whitetails from

    A feeder in Texas and food plots in Pennsylvania has made the comment understandable, but wrong.

    After leaving the military after 10 years I became a private security contractor and took hunting seasons off to hunt and to guide. I have hunted primarily in Montana, but also in Idaho, Oregon, Alaska and Africa. I have had moose that were terribly gamey from eating willow buds in the swamp, caribou gamey from eating moss, and rutting high mountain mule deer that could hardly be eaten because they were so gamey. My grandpa used to say “they aren’t fit to eat”. I shot a spike bull elk when I was 15 that was so gamey that nobody could stand to be in the kitchen when it was cooked and no amount of sauce could help it.. my dad shot several gamey bucks and elk as well.

    I’ve also Shot many animals that were fine, however to say there is no gamey animals is absurd and untrue… the next time i shoot a full rut mule Deer buck that is 275 pounds and you can smell when it hits the ground, I’ll be happy to send you a portion for review.. gamey elk, mule deer and antelope get either A lot of marinade or ground into sausage and kilebasa… love the show jack but….. “jack is wrong”.

    • So tell me where are the taste buds on your tongue are located that senses the flavor you call “gamey”?

      There are five flavors


      Gamey is not a flavor, gamey is a made up word for anything people don’t care for in a flavor profile. It is a 100% meaningless word.

      The fact that you have eaten game that you didn’t personally like the taste of does not make gamey a flavor any more than it makes domesticated a flavor.

      And likely no matter where your game came from it was HOW the meat was handled not where it came from anyway.

  3. I like the comfort topics about food. When I take the bones out of the broth they are so soft I can crush them in my fingers. I have never heard what people do with those. I set them out for the raccoons, but I’m wondering if they can be dried, crushed and put in the garden as bone meal.

    • So when I get bones that soft I see them as zero threat to my dogs and let them have them. If we are talking chicken I still get rid of that little spear bone in the legs, likely unnecessary but I figure it is so easy to do why risk anything.

      FWIW dogs eat raw bone all the time, no problem it is when we cook bones and they crystalize and they break and shatter with sharp shards that all goes wrong. Cook long enough and that more than reverses.