Expert Council Q&A for 12-16-21 – Epi–3003 — 3 Comments

  1. I got my Skill Saw from a pawn shop for $25.00. I had to get a new blade but it was worth it. It works great the deck was slightly bent but my brother straightened it in 15 minutes. They had more than 10 saws I picked a lower end saw because it was the least expensive. I’m being lazy it’s night-time and my saw is out back, a pain to get to, otherwise I’d tell you the brand. Do plug it in before you leave the store with it though, make sure it works. Also ask the shop if you can bring it back if it stalls when you start to cut with it, like if something is stripped inside on a load. I haven’t had that happen but I’m sure it could.

  2. I have the inexpensive straight edge from Harbor freight and while it will work it is not great overall. It does not have enough in the way of guides to keep it from shifting even when clamped tight and I have found it necessary to use a pair of quick clamps to hold it down tightly. Also it is not great for thinner sheets of ply as clamping them causes the edges to curl upward. I got mine several years ago when they used to send out the flyers with the really good coupon deals so I’m not salty about having spent the money on it. I would definitely opt for the more expensive version with more functionality.

  3. In response to antitrust and censorship part of the podcast I would like to point out a rabbit hole. Breadtube

    It gets into fascist psyops money for content creator whores that are for sale like the idea is for sale to Soros operations and other Leftie type stuff.

    Check her out if you arent opposed to this type of rabbit hole. Its not politics its freedom topic.