Episode-1917- Expert Council Q&A for 12-16-16 — 12 Comments

  1. This is nothing to do with today’s show but I figured I’d post it anyway. Episode 1783 Jack talked about 20 items for your preps and he discussed a product called Zenni Optical. I just ordered my first pair, for all of 11 bux. My wife was adamant I was wasting my money. THey haven’t been delivered yet, so the jury is out. But I’m hoping they work well.
    I had LASIK ten yrs ago so don’t need glasses too badly but as I get older my eyes have gotten progressively worse.
    So, I’ll report back if this works and then you can save some serious scratch ordering through here. Hopefully.

    Oh, some dude mentioned MPowered solar lights in the comments section of that episode. I’ve ordered a number of lights from them and they are fantastic. Just a heads up on that too.

  2. I’d like to add some thoughts to Sue’s lists of books. Before there was Google, there were encyclopedias. They are now available cheaply at book sales. The great advantage of an encyclopedia is that the child can explore subjects for him or herself.
    Field guides are terrific. What could be more useful than knowing the world around you?
    But also, studies that have stood the test of time are seldom useless or impractical. Studying art, for example, is one way to hone observation – perhaps the most essential survival skill. And Latin? It’s the root of several modern languages as well as a huge chunk of English vocabulary, and it’s extremely helpful in understanding medical terminology. I’ve known several children who really enjoyed learning a little Latin (or more) precisely because it is called a dead language – who wouldn’t want to be in on an ancient secret? Note, though, that I said “studies that have stood the test of time.” There’s no excuse for “gender studies,” IMO.
    As you’ve guessed, almost all my formal education took place before computers, and I’m glad. Books allow a mental freedom to explore and wander through different subjects that even the Internet does not. That is very important in raising children who can think for themselves.
    To bring this around to the current history segments, my high school library had a good collection of the great literature that came out of WWI. I discovered and read “All Quiet on the Western Front” at an age that I doubt teachers would allow today; ditto the war poets like Wilfred Owen and Rupert Blake. As Alex and Jack have been pointing out, the literature of that time destroyed, or should have destroyed, the idea that war is glorious. This is what I mean by mental freedom: I could discover these works for myself.

  3. My parents lived in NW OR and used the zinc strips at the peak of their roof. Like Nick said initially they work good but by about 5-10 years their effectiveness fades. Especially if you have trees that partially shade the roof for the majority of the day.

  4. I recently finished fermenting cranberries in honey. It took about 40 days, but it turned out to be delish without any mold problems. I had to burp it quite often, though! It pairs well with rosemary crackers. Erica, I’m telling myself this is medicine and must take a heaping dose everyday. My fire cider should be ready in a few days, too.

  5. The video link for Paths to Glory does not work. Appearantly that users account has been terminated. I have noticed a pattern of that for other users who post full length movies on YouTube. Not sure if that is their policy because of the copywrite BS. I will have to search other sources to watch it as i am now strongly intrigued by this title.

  6. I like Tim’s idea for a show on old jeeps… It has been my dream to find an old Willys to work on…