Episode-2791- Expert Council Q&A for 12-11-20 — 3 Comments

  1. What optics do you recommend when observing a hill face 100-200 yard distant during nautical twilight or moonlight. Would like to be see the antlers or spots, in low light conditions.

  2. Jack I am going to recommend a book for you and your listener who asked the question about fear and that book is called “The gift of fear” by Gavin Debecker the author only teaches the secret service how to know someone is going to try to harm the president before they actually try to do it. De Becker had no intentions of writing this book but there was a female rape victim who survived when all the other victims were killed by the serial rapist and De Becker interviewed her and explained what she did wrong to get her into trouble and what she did that made her the survivor and put this guy away for life. This book is a game changer like Illusions I am a retired LEO and this is a must read on a level like Illusions for law enforcement or survivalists. Read the book and comment I will be curious on your perspective or anyone else’s take on the book. Jack made the comment there is good fear and bad fear or fear of things we shouldn’t be afraid of and I agree with that 110%