Episode-2778- Expert Council Q&A for 11-20-20 — 6 Comments

  1. What is the Odyssey(?) show Jack talked about in the beginning of this episode? About people who were hyping gold and silver.

    EDIT – Disregard. Looks like it’s and he had a link in Resources section that I missed.

  2. Tool shoppers: It is commonly believed that tools from Harbor Freight belong in the harbor, but I have found a notable exception. I have purchased several sizes of their quick release bar clamps at a price significantly lower than Jorgensen and just as well, if not better, built. There is a statement in their catalog by the CEO they are making an effort to improve the quality of their products, they did it with this one, they’ve got a long ways to go with most everything else.

    • I think HF is exceptional for some things, good for others, good enough for others and abysmal for others.


      HF tool boxes are better than say Husky or Craftsman by every measure you can take. They are higher gauge steal, better castors, etc. If you buy a Craftsman, Husky or equivalent tool chest right now I say you hate money.

      A lot of the clamps, presses, etc, I put in the good category.

      Many hand tools go in the good enough, I’d not rely on them but for a second set of wrenches, etc. yea good enough. Same with plug in power tools.

      The cordless tools are total shit. Even when they preform well out of the box they are designed to fail with any consistent use. Add to it the shitty batteries are almost as expensive as say Rigid/DeWalt, etc and you save no real money on them and they have an MTBF slightly longer than a salted slug.

  3. for what it’s worth – the Pitssburgh 150psi compact air compressor – lasted me close to 8 years or so – before the hose finally gave out and then the motor started getting a little weak — fills a tire pretty freaking fast too. Just bought a second one

  4. Where do you sell things?

    I am no longer on Face Book. Where do you guys sell you stuff? That is really all I miss about FB. Just looking for a place to post my junk to make a few bucks to find projects I have. I did very well on market place so what do you guys use? Thank you