Episode-2548- The Expert Council Show for 11-15-19 — 3 Comments

  1. Ben starts off with 2 Author’s names but no titles… and even just looking at Magwood’s body of work there are multiple books he might be referring to.

    Can you ask him to clarify which titles he meant or which to start with if they are all good?

  2. For the man in MN: I’m guessing that as for most of us time, money, and where to begin might be considerations. Your energy company (electric, gas) might very well do a free energy audit for your house if you ask. (They might have the infrared heat sensor mentioned, too.) When I had it done several years ago, it not only saved my time but got me a bunch of useful free stuff.

    Also, your state Cooperative Extension (UMN for Minn.) probably runs short classes (generally free or very low cost) on how to increase home energy efficiency. Finally, some local historical societies have info or expertise in practical fixes for old homes like yours. All this will be geared to your local area and the kind of home you have.

    Just from my situation (also a cold climate), I can say that obvious stuff like getting windows and doors in good shape, closing curtains at night, closing off unused rooms or even a whole floor if you can, and using little heaters (or your baseboard heaters if they can be run separately) to heat a single room (check out Paul Wheaton) give satisfying results for no or low cost and little time or effort.

    The little thing you can do today or this weekend won’t solve everything (not a light saber!) but is better than waiting to find time & money for a big project.

  3. For the overheating car;

    I had a Honda that had a leaking Head Gasket, Pressure from the cylinder was leaking into the cooling jacket and pressurizing the cooling system. This would cause the coolant to seep out due to the pressure.
    Eventually got a tester that detected combustion gases in the coolant.
    Fixed the head gasket and most of the other crap while it was out and has worked fine since then.