Expert Council Q&A for 10-14-21 – Epi – 2976 — 4 Comments

  1. To James, dealing with health issues: It is unclear from the message if you thyroid is adequately treated; what lab did your doctor check? If not treated adequately, definitely treat this before surgery. Also, there are medications available that have shown to help with weight loss: Saxenda(expensive, but insurance may cover) and Naltrexone/Bupropion(both components of this comination medication are in generics). Topiramate(generic) could also potentially be added to these. Have you been placed on any of these medications, and failed? There is no one medication that works for everybody.

  2. BRAVO Jack,
    Your closing statements about weakness and strength, being at war, etc. is there a way to isolate that segment? You put to words EXACTLY what I’ve been saying (and how I’ve been behaving since the first day of the bullshit) and I’d like to share that specific segment. Is this possible?

    PS I was the lone conscientious objector to masks, lockdown, etc at the woke non-profit I worked for and I was ultimately fired for it. I now own my own bustling business and answer only to the clients I choose to work with. You and your content has been a massive influence on having the courage and “try” to make it happen. Thank you.

    • Just download one of the free audio editing softwares. “Ocenaudio” is pretty straightforward.

      Edit: There are lots of tutorials available online, but if you need help just reply here and I’ll do what I can.