Expert Council Q&A for 1-6-22 – Epi–3010 — 9 Comments

  1. Great show.
    Don’t think I’ll make it to your event tho. I did get an increase in my social security up to 1,126 but when that’s all you have to live on, $500 events are not on the list.
    I miss my health. I miss my job.

  2. Hey Jack, just too possession of my Anker speaker. I plan to use it for camping or out on the patio. I have to say, looks are deceiving, this little gem packs a wallop of sound and I’m very pleased. What are your thoughts on little power stations like the Jackery?

    • I have (2) Jackery 240 power stations for camping. One runs my CPAP for (3) nights and the other runs a fan for the only (1) whole night. They are great for small things and charge quickly, but the bigger ones are more expensive for the power you get. Check all options and don’t be set on a pre made power station instead of being able to make one if possible.

  3. FYI, MRE’s are processed the same aka retorts.

    Thanks for all you do, congrats on over 3,000 episodes.

  4. Dingman(n). Amy Dingmann is how she has it on her own site and books where as most references on TSPC use Dingman. Was searching for her name and one result came up. Thanks.