Episode-1935- Expert Council Q&A for 1-20-17 — 7 Comments

  1. I have had RLS since I was a kid. I discovered that cutting out caffeine took care of 99% of the problem. I cut out the soda, coffee and chocolate. Now I sleep MUCH better. (My wife says I don’t have “kicky” leg anymore). And I can sit still in the evenings without the need to move and stretch my legs.

    • RLS is one of the symptoms of caffeine sensitivity or consuming too much caffeine. Caffeine is a tricky beast there are so many conditions and side effects when used improperly that I always ask individuals when consulting with them how much caffeine they are consuming. Caffeine is a great energy stimulant, but also some people just cannot tolerate it all, but those are always the ones I have the hardest time getting them to give it up.

  2. As far as DEF. Watch sales Menards and Runnings seem to put it on sale for about $8 per 2.5 gallon jug. The sales seem to offset so there is one that has it on sale every 2-4 weeks. Plenty often enough to keep it topped off and store a few jugs.

  3. Listening to 1935. Pool water question. And I may or may not have the perfect cheap economical solution.

    So last night I read someone claim that they had made mustard gas in their high school chemistry class (mixing bleach and ammonia). I was suspect. So I googled. It’s not mustard gas, but chlorine gas.

    Then I heard the pool comment. Why do we use chlorine in pools. Largely cause of people peeing in them. So the chlorine bonds with the ammonia and creates chlorine gas. Which is dispersed into the air.

    This led me to a realization. That simply adding urine into that water might cause it to off gas the chlorine much faster.

    And now as I’m writing this, another thought has popped into my mind. Cat urine has much more ammonia in its urine. So if one had that 300 gallons of water run thru a tank/pond/swell/etc in which waste kitty litter was diaposed. The ammonia reacting with the chlorine to off gas it. The stupid waste being converted to nutrients to be fertilizer. Furthermore, the few common diseases shareable between cats and humans might be killed off by the chlorine as well.

    Now I’m not sure what happens to kitty litter clay that’s soaked in water for a prolonged time. I figure it could always be used as clean fill around a yard. But I’m also wondering in you put it all in a 50 gallon drum and heated it dry if it could be re-used. And perhaps if not reusable as kitty litter, it could be sold to a mechanic to use for oil clean up.

    Anyways. ..this was inspired by two separate moments coming together. Would love to hear what Jeff thinks on this idea for an economic way of processing pool water.

    • If that works you know what would work even better, pure ammonia. Stuff is only about 5 bucks a gallon and it sure beats playing with cat pee. LOL

  4. I had RLS for 12 years diagnosed but on and off for my whole life. I was medicated until 6 years ago when I was able to get my iron levels up. I was diagnosed with celiac so I don’t absorb well. It’s not as usual for men to have low iron but it’s worth checking into (check all levels including ferritin).