Episode-1930- Expert Council Q&A for 1-13-17 — 13 Comments

  1. Pretty sure it’s not the first time I’ve heard this type of episode posted to TSP: not an actual ‘TSP Rewind’ episode, but rather a mix of previously-aired helpful segments.
    Did I miss Jack’s announcement about pre-recorded segments being used somewhere on this one? LOL
    Uh, oh … have robots taken over production already?
    Maybe it was a déjà vu blip in the Matrix?
    Nah: the Witch did it. 😉

  2. Were there any that had been aired previously? Most sounded rather fresh. I believe that some of the critique is dispositioned.

    If You want to sound better and make a quality display of Your doings, send me word and we’ll talk about it. However, You must account responsibility.

    • ¿Cómo?
      The Steven Harris gasoline storage segment was aired before.
      For all I know, Jack was ‘down’ for the day and had to ‘whip together’ a show for Friday. I’m sure he will address it when he feels good and ready.
      My comment was merely humorous observation, even using elements of one of Jack’s favourite Monty Python quotes from within the episode.
      Chef Keith Snow even makes a temporal reference, saying “Merry Christmas” @31:37 during in his segment as he goes on to talk about ‘next year’ etc..
      This is why I avoid all kinds of Forums, Groups, Comments etc..
      Someone already brought this up on the TSP FB page.
      Maybe do some research before posting an idiotic reply to such a casual, humorous comment.
      Even better, go back under your bridge and keep sucking your thumb “urki.”

      • @KevinKanuck

        People like urki can pound sand, I have no time for them.

        If the Harris segment aired before that was a mistake, though I am not sure it did.

        I did have a few council responses from before the holiday to clean out. I really don’t think the Harris segment aired before if so what episode?

        @urki, you said, “However, You must account responsibility.”

        Frankly shove your own head up your ass, blow really hard and die!

        • I’m pretty certain I’ve heard that Harris segment before. I looked back and couldn’t find it on the exp. council shows. I do remember you kicking a/some questions to Steven on one of your feedback shows. In the end it’s still good info that’s well worth hearing again.

    • @ Modern Survival

      Jack…The Steven Harris segment was first aired on EP 1909 @ min mark 54:30. Not that i think there is anything wrong with reairing it but my OCD wouldn’t let me stop thinking about it once I read “I really don’t think the Harris segment aired before if so what episode?”. lol

      Anyway keep up the good work!

      Art in VA

  3. @NickFerguson … Using T-8 bulbs, what distance do you recommend from the bulb to the surface of the grow bed? I can only fit 6 bulbs in 18″ (3″ to 1 bulb not 2″ per bulb).
    Trent Cody

  4. I had a roommate in the army who would take the old flash cubes apart. He would then wire them to claymore clacker and wire. He would use them as blasting caps for artillery simulators and some type of Polish cannon made from a law rocket tube.

  5. For outdoor storage, I’m a fan of the poly deck boxes. I’ve got one that I used in FL to store my pool chemicals that now stores propane cylinders, firewood, and some folding chairs here in Alabama. When I was in FL, I was going to get another one to store my gas cans in. Not needed now since the house we have here in ‘Bama has a little 10×7 she’d out back. This box has a provision for a lock too. I highly recommend it. You can search for “Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box” on tspaz and it’ll run about $145 to your door (Prime eligible).

    • I saw a lot of Israeli made big poly boxes making the rounds at Costco and big box stores this past summer; various sizes, decorative, piston-type lid hinges, you can sit on them like a bench, fake ratan/wood-grain etc..
      Buy on sale or you can always find people selling used online.

  6. Just wondering about something else on the fuel storage. Is there anything that Jack or Steve or anyone in the community can suggest about carrying a full gas can in a vehicle? I bought the blue jugs that Steve talks about in this but I don’t think they make small ones and everytime I bring gas in the car, it stinks like crazy. I wonder if someone could suggest how best it could be done. I try to keep my tank always above half but those times you see someone running out of gas, it’d be nice to have an extra gallon. Thanks