Expert Council Q&A for 1-6-23- Epi-3230 — 4 Comments

  1. Regarding Physician obtaining any gains for beyond current procedure codes (CPT). These activities will be outed via Sunshine Act and/or Stark Law. How many other industries are under this type of scrutiny? Why don’t you investigate “Big Sugar” instead of blaming physicians who have almost no time to talk about specific dietary advice. That is why “dieticians” exist. I will bet Dr. Ken/Dr. Bones will corroborate these sentiments. Also, why is personal responsibility diminished with this topic?

    • Okay first of all Doctors and the medical industry get plenty of blame. The absolute cowardice of doctors for the last 3 years alone is criminal. Doctors recommending “whole grain diets” is doctors recommending sugar, and nutritionally I suspect you know that.

      As to this claim, “have almost no time to talk about specific dietary advice”, that is YOUR CHOICE, you choose to work the billing code system! Rather than work with patients and I get why, Ken explained it here at a TSP Workshop.

      And if you think Ken D Berry who wrote “lies my Doctor Told me” will defend the average doctor today, you’re out of your mind. I will email him this comment and let him speak for himself.

      As to blaming “big sugar” tune in today! That is exactly where we are going but as you will see the “pattern is set”, it isn’t just the sugar industry it is every major industry in the world, including yours. Basically EVERYONE goes under the bus, because everyone belongs there.

      Ken what say you? Remember when I asked you on our first interview if lies was the right word if Doctors were taught that what they were saying is correct by school, etc. Something about responsibility, malpractice, putting patients first, a duty to learn, a duty to teach, etc.?

  2. Pex A tubing was first in or around 1968. Pex B came later and Pex C even later. The expansion fittings are whats “new” any why many think A came later. The original Pex A used similiar fittings to what’s more familiar with Pex B.