Every Morning with the Birds at the TSP Ranch — 14 Comments

  1. I usually get up around 6-620 for work (I work at home) and have a similar schedule. Get out there around 7 to feed the chickens which are already bebopping around inside an electro fenced in area.

    As long as the goats are on fresh (2-3 days) of pasture they’re on their own, regardless of how much they yell at me to come over and pet them.

  2. Jack..your flock has grown considerably since I was there for the battery bank class in Feb. are you collecting eggs from all of those chickens… I did not see any laying boxes.


  3. Man I want chickens! Does anyone know how to make a wife that is afraid of birds become unafraid?

    • Get some peeps. Who can be afraid of 2 day old chicks? Or really go small and get some quail chicks.

      • Shes fine with little puff ball chicks but it doesnt matter once they are grown. Shes TERRIFIED. Its borderline ridiculous.

    • We don’t have any animals but the next door neighbor has chickens. We chickensit when they need to leave town. At first, opening up in the morning and closing up in the evening was easy but reaching under a broody hen for eggs was a bit intimidating. It didn’t take long to realize that they are used to it and expect you to just go for it. Standing in the rain encouraging a young hen to enter the coop so we all can go to bed was the end of my hesitance. Just pick that thing up and toss her into the coop.

      • Ah the hold outs at bed time. When they are just sitting at the door and sort of sleepy no big deal like you say.

        The problem is when you have a “teen ager” who thinks avoiding capture is a game in the middle of a field and she/he doesn’t want to go to bed. This always happens on a night where you are tired and just want to be done for the day. Such birds get banded and are MARKED as potential culls here.

      • LOL…the Saudi Arabia of the Chicken world… don’t want to go home when the curfew starts? You get your head lopped off…. That’s funny Jack…but it makes great sense, you want a low maintenance flock.


  4. Thank you for sharing this! I laughed out loud at the 3 geese that wouldn’t come out of their pen and Buddy the Goose living with the ducks. What a great life to go from the rat race to living the permaculture life.

    • Ground but really from feeders, reduces waste and mess. They get a lot more from foraging though then the chickens.

  5. What breed of ducks do you recommend or prefer? They seem OK with just a few small kiddie pools… I’m in Ohio, so heat tolerance to a degree and cold tolerance as well. Wasn’t sure if you had any while in PA that you would think would work well here. Thanks!

    Just moved to my slice of homestead, picked up our first few chickens the other night and things are progressing thanks to your podcast.