Eton Scorpion Emergency Crank/Solar Radio Review — 11 Comments

  1. Great review. I have several radios like this and they all just feel “cheap”. Could you give a follow up afer a few months. I would like to know that it has met some real world challenges before I lay down the bones for this. MSB member and long time listener. You do good work Jack. I think that you will be responsible for a lot of saved familes when the SHTF. We are approaching 1 million calories in our preps. Airborne!

  2. No am radio is complete without a 120 feet of wire on 30 inch square.
    the three envelops filled with aluminum foil tunes the loop.
    it is cheap and if people used this they would not be relegated to
    to listen to the local crap radio stations.
    I can hear WOR radio in Towanda very well during the day.

  3. Hey Jack – great job on the review. Any chance you (or anyone else) knows of a radio that would charge an iPhone 4? Thanks!

  4. Will the Wagen EX 400 charge your iPhone? Seems like Apple requires a particular charger or apple device to charge their phones so that might not work either.

    • @Josh, actually it will work just fine with a plug adapter, done it many times. I have never tried doing the usb adapter thing on the wagan for any phone, will try it and let you know sometime down the road.

    • So will we see a Shiner ad on the side bar in the near future? JK… Anyway, great review as always. Keep up the good work. BTW if any of you that aren’t in Texas come to visit, pick up any of the Shiner brews. My favorite…and supporting local (same state) businesses.

  5. Great review, thanks.
    A note worthy con.
    It doesn’t seem to use a lithium ion battery internally, it might be NI-MH or other. Eton does specify in other products if it has a lithium ion battery. Li-ion will have many more recharge cycles.

    Also on the Iphone charging. On Eton’s website, in the spec sheet, it does mention USB charging is compatible with Iphone 4 .
    Another pro is it is IP-4 splashproof, so it can withstand a pretty good soaking.

    I can’t wait until Eton sends you the Raptor to review. I hope you are reading this Eton. Solar powered usb charging and a host of other features. Wow!

    Thanks again for everything. Love your podcast!