Episode-2835- From Zero to Prepped Fast, Cheap and Easy — 12 Comments

  1. I love these episodes… it’s always good to go back to the basics.

    • I just wish that Jack could tame his speech for these episodes that he would like us to share. He did clean it up from what it usually is, but I noticed several “shits” and at least one “ass.” My audience is largely made up of Scouts and similar people, so I had to put a disclaimer on my FB post. What am I doing on FB? That’s where the people are. I hope a few of them will listen.

      • Oh quit bitching like a fricken child! I swear I may just go Miyagi Mornings level everywhere, the damn nation has turned into nothing but a bunch of offended by everything pussies.

  2. Kitty litter in your bucket works good also a good shake after use keeps the smell down

  3. Hello Jack,

    Thanks for this episode, I shared this with some family members who recently survived the ice storm in the rural section of Clackamas County, Oregon.

    They are %^&$$@@!! tolerant, so no issues there.

    Thanks again.

  4. Great podcast, thanks Jack – I bought mylar bags and bulk foods a day before hearing this, so I’m filling in some gaps… ironically I had been doing the petrol thing with 5 litre tins, and when bushfires came our way my new car wouldn’t take the nozzle – is this a problem for others with newer cars? Any way to remedy this?
    Also, I had previously stocked up on the 15 litre containers of store bought water and had them in my garage, to go back a couple of years later and find the mice or rats had eaten through the corners of everyone of them and all were useless – 1/2 empty with perhaps disease from the rodents 🙁 They were used to damp down the brush when bushfires were burning close by.

  5. Thanks for the episode. I will push back on your opinions about heating a home with a fireplace. We’ve successfully heated our 2,500 square foot home (three stories) with a wood burning fireplace for 15 years. We live in zone 6 and burn mostly soft wood. The proper fireplace can be your sole source of heat, provided your home is well insulted and designed for good air circulation.

    • Key word is PROPER and 99% are not proper, I said very clearly that if it was a masonry fireplace or one with specific design that was different.

  6. Thanks! Just what I need to send to my team. More than one of them left their vehicle in the middle of the street trying to go grocery shopping in the middle of an ice storm because they needed food. Some asked if we took our 4wd to go grocery shopping. The answer is, “No, 4wd doesn’t help on ice” and “No, we have at least 30 days of all major grocery dry goods stuff.”

    Interesting thing about the shortages at the beginning of COVID – I had what would normally be 3 months of peanut butter (have some junkies here) – but during times of stress, PB on a spoon is apparently our comfort food. We burned through 3 month’s worth in 45 days – right about the time our favorite brand was back on the shelf in quantities where I felt good about buying a few extras here and there. Lessons learned – stock more PB – because a junkie always goes to their drug of choice during stress times! … we are still lamenting the end of Vanilla Caramel coffee creamer – but we at least had some 30 days longer than most people… but who knew we would not see it again.

    Thanks for this show. Will be sharing it around.

  7. The point in this show that hits home most to me is that you can’t help anyone if your family isn’t prepared and safe first. It’s simply doing your part to be a good neighbor.

  8. They make kits for newer cars that is basically a larger tube with a smaller one inside but they are designed aroundaking gas theft proof. AL vehicles are different but you could do some research on how to disconnect your file line to the engine and jumping a fuel relay to let the 12v battery pump it out. Odnt burn the car up doing this however.

  9. Jack, a quick comment about heaters; Everybody in this country has access to abundant, reasonably priced kerosene.

    Some times it is called Jet-A, sometimes it is JP-8. That’s right, jet fuel can be used in kerosene heaters.

    It is actually a better refined kerosene that you find at Tractor Supply, for $10.00 a gallon.

    I paid $2.83 a gallon last October to use in my parts washer. (A parts washer is NOT an approved use for kerosene, I was desperate, though.)

    Any small (Or large) airport has Jet-A. I live near Ennis, TX, and it is actually self serve.

    (The heaters can also operate on diesel, but it will give off an odor.)